How Dockless Scooters Will Affect Corpus Christi Texas Real Estate

Dated: 01/23/2019

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Image titleDockless scooters are expected to make Corpus Christi, Texas their new home in following weeks to come. With all of the buzz generating around dockless scooters, it’s important to consider what it can mean for real estate in the city. Here are three ways dockless scooters will have an impact on your property:

Transportation Will Be More Accessible

Dockless scooters have the ability to travel long distances, with speeds up to 30 miles per hour. Transportation across Corpus Christi will be more accessible since residents and visitors can ride in just a click of a button. With an easier way to get around the city, residents can park wherever they are allowed to and visit popular sites and places without having to walk. This means that real estate in the city can be easily accessed and seen by those traveling in dockless scooters. In addition, parking at residences will not be an issue since scooters do not take up much space and are easy to dock.

A Possibility of More Residents

Corpus Christi is already a popular tourist destination in Texas, though dockless scooters will provide even more of a reason to visit. Tourists who prefer to walk or bike through a city when they visit for the first time can now easily use a scooter to site-see. Given the beauty of Corpus Christi and its real estate, many out of town visitors will be drawn to the city and consider it a potential place to move to and invest in property. Dockless scooters also incentivize those who do not have a car to travel more and will thus give residents a reason to stay if they were considering moving prior due to inaccessible transportation.

Potential Property Damage

Dockless scooters come with the potential to be parked anywhere, although fines and penalties will be given to riders who park in areas that are not permitted. Property damage is a potential issue when reckless riders decide to throw their bikes on yards and in the middle of a busy road. Bikes, given their light size, can be easily thrown on anyone’s property without their consent. Potential damage to one’s yard, driveway, and other property can be done by those who choose to be reckless with the scooters.

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