How To Help Protect Your Home From Hurricane Damage

Dated: 09/27/2018

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When we see images of damage to homes caused by powerful hurricanes, it can sometimes lead us to believe that absolutely nothing at all can be done to protect a home from such a dangerous storm. Thankfully, however, this is not the case and there are actually many different things that can be done to reduce the overall impact. 

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Here are three useful tips to make note of in order to ensure that your home is protected against hurricane damage. 


Secure All Loose Objects 

Any loose objects inside or outside your home could turn into extremely dangerous missiles if they end up getting caught in the strong winds of a hurricane. As a result, damage could be caused to not just your property, but also your neighbor's property as well. Always take the time to tie down or secure anything that could fall victim to this. 


Create an Inventory 

Always know what items are in your home in the event that any of your belongings end up getting damaged in the storm. Take the time to write down item numbers and serial numbers to help with filing an insurance claim following the storm. 


Protect Windows 

These, along with doors, are considered to be the most vulnerable and weak areas of any home during any kind of a major storm. Using either storm shutters or plywood, board up your windows, as this will greatly reduce the risk of any of them shattering. Another useful option, though it costs more, would be to install impact-resistant windows. 

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